In which rooms do air heaters work best?

In which rooms do air heaters work best?

Practically everyone has already heard about air heaters, but they are mainly identified with mobile devices that heat a building during renovation or construction work. However, it turns out that modern air heaters have a much wider spectrum of applications. They can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, while optimizing the building's operating costs. They are also an alternative to traditional radiators.

In the case of this type of devices, electric air heaters that are best suited for small and medium-sized rooms, regardless of the conditions prevailing there, are used more and more often. This distinguishes them from the gas systems that are not installed in rooms with high humidity because they generate water vapour, which in these conditions would additionally contribute to the formation of mould. Where does an air heater work best?


Heaters do not always provide the best working conditions, the air humidity is usually too high, which excludes the use of the gas systems. Electric air heaters are a very good solution for such rooms, since often they cannot be equipped with another heating system or the spectrum of application possibilities is significantly limited. During the heating period, a suitable temperature must be ensured in the workshop, otherwise workers' productivity will decrease and some machines will be exposed to faster wear.

Production and storage halls

Air heaters can be freely programmed using special control systems. You can decide for yourself when the heater will heat the room and when it will be turned off. An individual operation schedule will enable you to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce electricity costs. In enterprises, this is an important aspect that affects the company's expenses and costs.

Shops and restaurants

Electric air heaters have another very important advantage. They do not generate flue gases and are safe for people and the environment, so they can be installed wherever the sale of products and services to customers is provided on a daily basis. These heaters work very quietly, which is their additional advantage. Thanks to the set operation schedule of the heater, adapted to your individual needs and working hours, you can easily and quickly warm up the rooms.

Reception at an office or hotel

The reception staff are very familiar with the unpleasant chill on cold days. Often the reception is located near the front door, in the corridor where the temperature is lower than in closed office rooms. The problem of cold can be solved by an air heater, which will quickly heat the workplace to obtain the right temperature. The heater is safe and easy to use.

Houses and apartments

Air heaters in many cases eliminate the problem of the lack of central heating. An example of this are old townhouses, where heaters are increasingly used and improve the comfort of living of residents. The advantages of heaters have also been appreciated in modern construction. They are an alternative to traditional radiators, especially in small apartments. They should also be used in the case of leaking windows or problems related to air leakage / heat loss.