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HOW TO get ready for the heating season?

HOW TO get ready for the heating season?

First of all we should think about heating the spaces where we live/work/spending our free time.

If the building is equipped in central heating system we should vent the radiators. If in the building are installed air heaters we should check if they work properly and clean them from the dust which could be interfere with the operation of the devices, being at the same time true danger for the people with allergy.

If the building is not equipped with any heating system it’s the occasion to buy the cheapest and at the same time the easiest to mount, maintenance and to control water heating unit. The only demand is to have an access to water source in the building.

Air heater is the simplest unit which at the same time ensures high efficiency and what we lack the most during autumn or winter - the comfort of heat.

sonnEC air heaters with EC motor additionally care about the amount of used electric power, so it’s the perfect solution for people looking for cheap and effective heating system.