Can air heaters replace the central heating?

Can air heaters replace the central heating?

Air heaters, depending on their type, can replace the central heating system, be its complement or constitute its integral part. Therefore, they can be considered as universal devices that will work in many places, not necessarily equipped with a boiler or other stationary source of heat.

Air heater as an independent source of heat

Rooms such as a workshop, a warehouse or a production hall are not always situated in a building with a water heating system. Then the question arises – how to heat such a large space? Small stoves or electric heaters are unlikely to find use here. It is worth considering the installation of a gas, oil or electric heater. These devices come in two versions – as stationary products (permanently mounted in a room) or portable. They allow you to create an independent, fully functional heating system in the building.

However, the use of gas and oil air heaters in rooms used by people requires complying with the requirements regarding exhaust gas discharge. These devices must be completely safe. The heater of this type can be a compact product, enclosed in an elegant housing. However, you must keep in mind the necessity of continuous fuel supply. An appropriate system is necessary in this situation, as well as a warehouse, if gas or oil are delivered to the building periodically.

Electric heaters do not have these shortcomings. In their case, however, the problem lies elsewhere – in costs. Heating supplied with electricity is simply expensive.

Water air heaters – an integral part of the central heating

Often, however, there are situations that the halls are equipped with a boiler or in their close vicinity there are other utility buildings with the central heating system. In this situation, it is not worth investing in a separate heating system just because it is difficult to provide the right amount of heat to a room with a very large cubic volume. The solution to this problem are water heaters that can be connected to the central heating system. The most state-of-the-art devices are compatible not only with boilers supplying the system with water at a temperature of 80 – 90 degrees but also with low-temperature sources, such as, for example, heat pumps.

In a properly designed central heating system, there will be room for air heaters, radiators as well as a domestic hot water system. The possibility of application of intelligent control systems in it allows to create an effective and cost-efficient system that will provide comfort in an office space, in a production hall as well as in a warehouse. The constant development of heating technologies is the prospect of putting together in one system devices that, a few or a dozen years ago, could not properly operate together.

Many devices under one name

The umbrella term of the air heater covers several very different types of devices. Depending on their design, they can be used alone or as part of a larger heating system. Air heating is a flexible system that can be used in buildings of various intended uses.