Cashback promotion terms and conditions

1. This promotion campaign is organised by NEUTEC GmbH.

2. The promotion campaign lasts from 15 May until further notice.

3. The promotion campaign refers to the purchase of air heaters from sonnEC series (sonnEC 0 - sonnEC 4).

4. The promotion campaign does not include the purchase of automatic control elements.

5. After the purchase of an air heater, the Client may be refunded up to 50% of the price for the air heater.

Specific discounts for the activities undertaken by the Client which result in the refund are specified in the table below.

Review added on the product web page (of a given air heater) - on the website of;


Pictures of an air heater (at least 3) installed in the facility (jpg/png format)


Video (at least 30 seconds) showing an air heater installed in the facility and a few words of review



6. In order to be refunded the purchase price, it is necessary to write a review on the product web page and/or send the pictures or video to the following e-mail address: within 30 days of purchase date of an air heater.

7. The purchase price shall be refunded in the same way as the Client has paid for the purchase (PayPal/credit card/bank transfer) within 14 days of receiving the review/pictures/video by NEUTEC GmbH.

8. The fact of sending the review/pictures/video shall mean that the Client gives the consent that the material is published in the Internet for promotional purposes (Social media/Google/industry-related websites).

9. The publication of the materials sent by the Clients shall not require any additional consent given by their author.

10. The copyrights to the material sent shall be transferred to NEUTEC GmbH upon its uploading to the web page/sending to the e-mail address of NEUTEC GmbH.

11. The Cashback action is valid till the End of January 2019.