1Which sonnEC model should I choose?

Thanks to the intuitive selection program at https://www.neutec.com.de/en/selection-app you will quickly learn which air heaters are needed in the building. All you need to do is enter information on the location, the building dimensions and information on the hot water source and determine the building insulation level.

2Which type of control is right for me?

NEUTEC offers two types of controllers - a simple potentiometer that can be used to manually set the required ventilation capacity, and an HMI controller that allows you to program the operation of the device (temperature, heating periods) in advance. The HMI controller also controls the valve that closes the entire water flow when the air heater is in the sleep mode.

3What is the maximum operating temperature?

The maximum permissible ambient temperature is 40 ° C.

4Can the sonnEC heaters work with a heat pump?

All SonnEC air heaters can be operated using a heat pump. However, due to the low temperature level of the heating medium, it is recommended to use devices with a high nominal heat output, e.g. sonnEC3 or sonnEC4.

5Do the sonnEC heaters also have a cooling function?

Yes, both heating and cooling are possible.

6What is the minimum value of the order?

There is no minimum order value in our store.

7How long does the delivery take?

Shipping usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

8What are the delivery costs?

9What payment methods are accepted?

In principle, we accept the following payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer.

10I have a problem with my device. Who to contact?

The staff of our customer service is at your disposal. You can contact us by phone on 0 30 40817 2703 or send us an e-mail to neutec@neutec.com.de.

11How should I take care of my device?

Every sonnEC needs a little care. How often should sonnEC be cleaned? It depends on the season, dust load and frequency of use.
We recommend checking the devices every year before the start of the heating season, and under unfavourable conditions also every month.

We will show you in four steps how to maintain the air heater:
* Please clean the housing with a dust cloth for plastic surfaces. Contamination of the housing does not affect the operation of the device. Cleaning is necessary only for visual reasons.
* Check whether the fan is running
* Make sure that the suction and discharge holes are not blocked by objects or dirt
* Pay special attention to the heat exchanger. Dusty deposits on the fins of the heat exchanger hinder airflow and heat transfer. Therefore, the air heater's heat exchanger should be regularly checked for contamination and cleaned if necessary.
The pneumatically operated blinds are easy to disassemble, which allows easy access to the heat exchanger.

Isn't it simple?

12Refund. Where can I find information on the right to return goods?

Detailed information on cancellation and refund conditions can be found in our terms and conditions https://www.neutec.com.de/en/terms-conditions.

13How large room can be heated by heaters?

Even in very large halls, air heaters can easily provide pleasant warmth. SonnEC air heaters quickly and efficiently heat various production halls, factories and assembly halls, warehouses, sports halls and commercial premises. The exact number of needed heaters can be easily checked in the selection program (https://www.neutec.com.de/en/selection-app), providing several parameters required for the calculation.

14How many heaters can I connect to one controller?

Up to eight devices can be connected to one controller.

15How can I install my heater?

We suggest watching a short video where we show the exact process of installing the heater together with the necessary tools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF2FcB2l7A0 .

16What material is the heater housing made of?

The housing is made of ABS of the highest quality and has a lifetime warranty.

17How often should the heater be serviced?

All air heaters operate without any maintenance, for which we give a 5-year warranty (and a lifetime warranty for the housing).

18What is an EC motor?

EC (electronically commutated) motor, also called a "brushless" motor, is based on a three-phase synchronous machine with permanent magnet excitation, which makes the EC motor more efficient and saves up to 70% of electricity.

19How do the types of sonnEC heaters differ?

The following table provides an overview of the performance levels that can be achieved using different models.

Sonnec 1 Sonnec 2 Sonnec 3 Sonnec 4
Heating power range 3-20 kW 5-30 kW 8-50 kW 13-75 kW
Maximum air output 2100 m3/h 5300 m3/h 4850 m3/h 5700 m3/h
Horizontal rangee (max) 14 m 23 m 22 m 25 m
Vertical rangee (max) 8 m 12 m 11 m 12 m

20For which rooms are sonnEC heaters best suited?

We invite you to read the article available on our website (https://www.neutec.com.de/en/In-which-rooms-do-air-heaters-work-best), where we have described in detail for which rooms sonnEC heaters are best suited.

21How is the sonnEC heater built?

On the 3D presentation on the home page (https://www.neutec.com.de/) you can see exactly what components the sonnEC heater consists of.