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HOW TO warm up the workshop?

Robert Hoffmann will tell you about it

HOW TO optimize storage and shipping costs?

In times when all business and home processes are optimized...

5 years warranty*

This is what makes NEUTEC very special on the German market!

HOW TO save money buying heating source?

All you need to do is to buy our air heater sonnEC!

HOW TO look inside sonnEC air heater?

There are two options…

HOW TO control our units?

The automation developed for the sonnEC devices enables the full utilization of their function.

The choice is really simple: HMI sonnEC!!!

It offers the possibility of programming the heating calendar. When simply warm atmosphere is required when arriving at work, the controller of the device can be programmed for earlier operation and achievement of the temperature that would be comfortable.

Economy mode or the mode which prevents the freezing of the heating medium is helpful at the time when nobody uses the heated rooms. This enables such planning of device operating time that would be the most economical and convenient.

HMI sonneEC controller optimises the operation of the heaters ensuring their continuous and reliable operation, and well-thought functions of the device enable significant power efficiency.