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HOW TO optimize storage and shipping costs?

In times when all business and home processes are optimized...

5 years warranty*

This is what makes NEUTEC very special on the German market!

HOW TO save money buying heating source?

All you need to do is to buy our air heater sonnEC!

HOW TO look inside sonnEC air heater?

There are two options…

HOW TO control our units?

The automation developed for the sonnEC devices enables the full utilization of their function.

The choice is really simple: HMI sonnEC!!!

It offers the possibility of programming the heating calendar. When simply warm atmosphere is required when arriving at work, the controller of the device can be programmed for earlier operation and achievement of the temperature that would be comfortable.

Economy mode or the mode which prevents the freezing of the heating medium is helpful at the time when nobody uses the heated rooms. This enables such planning of device operating time that would be the most economical and convenient.

HMI sonneEC controller optimises the operation of the heaters ensuring their continuous and reliable operation, and well-thought functions of the device enable significant power efficiency.

HOW TO save money on electricity?

Probably you will think – use it smartly. Of course, you’re right. But today there is no need to save on equipment work – better to choose more efficient equipment. 

Time is changing, thinking about use of natural sources is changing and all electronic devices are changing to be more efficient and thanks to that – less energy-intensive.

It is not only trend – it is a real difference in perception.

In our company we exactly know that we should swim on this wave of technical progress. That is why we offering our customers the most energy-efficient motors in our air heaters.

Green power of our motors allows you to run your business without worrying about energy bills. After couple of months, one year, two years, you will for sure see the difference in energy consumption. And you will see the difference in your wallet too.

Simple application can show you how much exactly you will save – check it now

Choosing sonnEC air heaters you can be sure that low price can go hand in hand with enormous quality, modern design and efficiency.

Check our offer right here

HOW TO install our units properly?

Ordering sonnEC units you order the best quality as well – either the best quality of instruction how to install you air heater. Thanks to specific documentation and simple chart on the box, you will make it fast and correctly for sure.

Excellence in simplicity – that is how we think about our units. Designing sonnEC air heaters our engineers were thinking about how to make the install process the easiest. In the technical documentation you will figure out how does it works and how to install them safe for you and for the device.  This operation and maintenance manual, which is always delivered with the device, includes detailed information on all possible configurations of the heaters, examples of their assembly, start, use, repair and maintenance. Of course, to operate this device correctly, this manual includes instructions sufficient for qualified personnel. But still they will be able to install sonnEC air heaters very quick and easy.

To be sure that you  are doing it well, just check the chart on the box’s wing – thanks to that you will even know where you should drill the holes in the wall.

And of course remember that you might need our control devices – check the offer right here.

Do you still have some questions about installing process? Just let us know that you need help –

HOW TO choose the heating unit for your building?

You’re not sure which unit you should order? We are here to help you. You can try to check it by yourself, using our selection app, or just let us know that you need help.

You’re not sure which unit you should order? We are here to help you. You can try to check it by yourself, using our selection app, or just let us know that you need support.

Our selection app  is designed for quick and easy choice of the amount and type of sonnEC air heaters.

You only need to give us information about:

  • size of area which is need to be heated (in square meters)
  • height of the building
  • country and city where your facility stands
  • internal temperature (in Degrees Celsius)
  • water temperature
  • level of isolation of the building.

These few information will be enough for the application to make a simulation of your needs.

But we have some more for you…

Thanks to Savings application you will know how much money will you save using sonnEC air heaters.

3 simple questions about daily working hours, working days number in the week and planned exploitation time will show you on a clear chart how much EUR will stay in your wallet.