Destratificator sonnEC 0 allows quickly reach heat comfort by supporting heating system with effective heat distribution.

sonnEC air heaters and destratificator are designed for each kind of small and medium buildings – for car workshops, warehouses, restaurants, shops or offices – our air heaters will perfectly fit to your business. 

Here are the proofs of the best quality:

  • Modern design and universal colors are made for creating nice background for your business
  • EC motors allows you to not worry about the costs of maintenance
  • Less energy means less CO2 released into the atmosphere
  • Unbeatable price and service will make you sure of the choice
  • 5 years warranty for units and exchange your device one by one in door-to-door system will keep you safe
  • Life-time warranty for the casing – because we are sure that they will serve you even longer without any discoloration or damage
  • European motors and German provider are the proofs of the tradition and quality


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