Powerful but still energy-efficient air heater with a 8-50 kW double-row heat exchanger with air stream flow up to 4850 m3/h. Equipped with energy-efficient EC motor with stepless speed control.

Two rows of heat exchanger make that one of our strongest heaters can cope with heating even large surfaces.

Made (like all our heaters) of lightweight material and the highest quality components that guarantee long-lasting, maintenance-free operation of the heaters. The devices do not require maintenance, the only thing that can be done for them is to vacuum the fins with an ordinary vacuum cleaner once in a while.

The sonnEC heater is a device of the latest generation, combining innovative technologies with modern design that suits most interiors. Modern but at the same time classic design has been recognised this year by the jury of the German Design Award competition, so we are proud to be granted this prestigious award as few on the market!

Thanks to the fact that the sonnEC heater is made of the highest quality materials and its colour is universal, the device can be mounted even in such facilities as art galleries, restaurants, clubs, guest rooms, banquet halls and wherever your guests or employees need comfortable and pleasant working conditions.

Here are the proofs of the best quality:

  • Modern design and universal colors are made for creating nice background for your business
  • EC motors allows you to not worry about the costs of maintenance
  • Less energy means less CO2 released into the atmosphere
  • Unbeatable price and service will make you sure of the choice
  • 5 years warranty for units and exchange your device one by one in door-to-door system will keep you safe
  • Life-time warranty for the casing – because we are sure that they will serve you even longer without any discoloration or damage
  • European motors and German provider are the proofs of the tradition and quality


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