What Air Heater Should You Choose?

What Air Heater Should You Choose?

Effective, equal warming of the room becomes more and more a challenge as its area increases. Typical, most popular heating systems based on radiators become ineffective and also very expensive in premises with large cubature. Here, air heaters are the solution – we have already described their main types on our blog, in the article Types of air heaters. However, let’s focus on choosing the right product, tailored to the needs of the room, in which we work. In practical terms, the division into mobile and stationary devices will certainly be important.

Mobile Air Heaters

Mobile devices are very convenient and easy to use. More and more often, we are dealing with compact models that can be easily transported from one location to another. However, their longer use becomes very expensive – this applies to both electrical, as well as gas or oil appliances. However, the lack of a heating system in a room imposes the need to use this type of heating. It will also be useful as a temporary solution. A heating system in a building, even of the highest quality, has limited efficiency, and there are situations, in which it is necessary to quickly heat a particular point, e.g. in a production hall. The best solution is to use electric heaters for this purpose. This equipment allows the power control, and its design and operation are safe for people working in the room. Combustion products, e.g. gas or oil-fired units do not provide such comfort. In the vicinity of people, only devices provided with a sealed exhaust system – i.e. mainly oil-fired units – can be used. Other products are suitable for heating spaces where no-one will stay, e.g. in well-ventilated places at construction sites, in order to speed up the drying of the facility.

Stationary Air Heaters

Air heaters are also made in the form of stationary devices, permanently connected to the central heating system. If such a system is installed in the room, it is worth considering it as the main method of heat distribution. Adequate location of heating units allows you to start heating from key areas and reduce the effect of rising hot air up. A properly designed system enables quick heating of the entire room, eliminating temperature differences in its various areas. Although the unit is permanently mounted to the ceiling or wall, the direction of the air stream can be adjusted using, among others, guide blades integrated in the water heater housing. Controlling the fan speed, as well as the system supply parameters, allows you matching the thermal power to the current demand.

And at Home?

Water heaters will work as heating of large production halls, stores or office buildings with open spaces. Due to the high power of a single heater and the method of heat distribution, they are not suitable for installation in homes. A wide selection of heating systems for small buildings, however, effectively compensates for their lack. On the other hand, in the case of very difficult temperature conditions, electric low capacity mobile heaters can be used. Gas and oil-fired products are not adapted for this purpose.