HOW TO warm up the workshop?

HOW TO warm up the workshop?

An important part of expenses incurred to run almost every workshop are expenditures incurred to ensure proper working conditions by maintaining an appropriate internal temperature during the heating season.

In order to ensure the proper working temperature inside the building, it is necessary to guarantee an effective and efficient heating method that is also economical.

Thanks to technical progress in the field of heating dedicated for buildings, new methods of heating, alternative to traditional heaters, have been created, primarily for the benefit of workshop owners.

In these types of facilities, where specific conditions are associated with significant heat exchange with the environment, new heating possibilities are finding wider and wider application. One of the most popular solutions – especially in workshops – is a water air heater which, beyond the main advantage which is the ability to program its work only when you are in the workshop, has also a lot more features replacing traditional heaters.


  1. EC motors – modern, quiet, energy-saving, which in a long perspective allow to reduce the costs
  2. Ability to assembly under the ceiling or on the wall and to direct the air stream wherever it’s needed
  3. Unit is easy to mount, easy to run and to clen
  4. Quiet, unobtrusive operation of the unit
  5. 5 years warranty in a door-to-door option

How to install this kind of unit properly and in the easiest way? Check the short movie published by the popular YouTube blogger – M1 Molter